Who Said Simple Had to Be Boring?


We know just how beneficial it can be to have complete control over a house and that’s why we are so proud of our advanced smart-connection services. 

Think high definition 4k video and high quality sound providing entertainment in every room. We combine complicated technology into a single, unified, easy-to-use solution for you and your family. Control your TV, multi-room audio, shading, lighting, environment (heating/cooling) and security CCTV all from one system/app!




Smart Appliances

With our help, you could enjoy smart-connection across a range of devices and appliances to make your life all around the house so much easier.


Integrated Lighting

Control the mood and ambience of your home with one touch. Intelligent & stylish keypads and touchscreen devices can control lighting settings & scenes, created for your individual requirements.

Different areas may require different lighting levels depending on the application of the room and by incorporating lighting control this can be easily changed. For example in the bedroom you may have multiple settings on one keypad; one with all lights, another with low light for watching TV and one with just the light above each side of the bed for reading. You could even have a sensor activate select lights when going to the bathroom.

Lighting control not only enables you to easily manage many lighting zones increasing efficiency and security, it's also energy efficient, reducing running costs by having lights turned off in unused areas or lights at a dimmed level.

Smart Shading

Our smart shading systems give you the ultimate control of your shades in convenience with the touch of a button. Choose between total blackout, semi blackout and solar shading blinds which are automatically controlled via AV/Lighting systems.

With a large range of colours, finished and blind types ( such as roller blinds, curtain blinds, pleated blinds and etc. ) you can be creative and style your house the way you ultimately want.