summon the light with power of a touch


Lighting control isn’t just about artificial light; it also encompasses the control of natural light through the use of automated blinds, curtains and shutters. These can be used to control bright afternoon sun, provide privacy in an overlooked room or blackout all light for a cinema application.

We integrate blinds with lighting control to provide complete scene-setting that controls all the light in the environment – natural and artificial. The blinds can be programmed to stop at pre-defined positions and offer raise / lower adjustments. Motorised blind and curtain tracks can be easily recessed within a formed pocket to conceal rollers, tracks and motors.

The control of these windows treatments can be fully automated to adjust with the time of day, time of year and angle of the sun, or, controlled from the touch of a button from a smart phone, touchscreen or lighting keypad. Combined with scene-setting lighting the mood of the room can be changed quickly and easily.